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Online Restaurant Coupon Deals Spring 2012 project
  • admin April 2012
    It will be a website which will contain online deals which will allow the companies to register with the website and companies will be able to create discount deals/coupons for the customers according to their location area and city. Customer can select deal from the offered deals on menus and get a discounted coupon after paying through credit cards. This will enable the customers to avail the discount on their visit to the restaurants.
    The website will prioritize the coupons according to the current city which will be guessed from the customers ip address and most recent deals will be displayed at the top. The Rss feeds will reflect the recent changes and additions to the websites and newly offered deals. The subscription will allow the users to get the email regarding the latest promotions.
    Google maps will allow the customers to locate the restaurants in their city who are registered with the coupon site and their location in the city.
  • Nyran September 2014
    Maths Puzzle consists of simple questions, you have limited (a few seconds only) to answer each question, The more you answer the maths puzzle more it gets difficult.
    This app ( maths puzzle ) is based on Maths questions from just arithmetic operations i.e Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The more you play the more you understand. Your calculations need to be best to become top in your scores in maths puzzle.

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