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Smartphone FTP Client project of vu Fall 2012
  • admin September 2012
    This will be a mobile FTP application. The application will facilitate users to access any FTP client (with id and password). The application will use Wi-Fi or Packet Data (or any other source of internet in mobile phones). It will be a full featured FTP client having following features:

    - Login into any FTP server after providing login credentials (typical credentials are: Host, Username and Password)

    - Save login credentials for different FTP servers in mobile using encrypted data storage, so that users do not have to login explicitly each time on any particular FTP server.

    - List the directory structure in a tree or similar structure

    - Ability to upload any file from mobile device to specified folder of the FTP server. The uploading procedure will be shown using progress bar or similar control that displays the uploading of files in percentage (100% will indicate the successful uploading of file)

    - Show confirmation options if a file with same name exists on FTP server the options should be: Overwrite, Rename, And Cancel

    - Ability to download any file form FTP server to mobile phone

    - Facilitates normal file operations: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename etc, in FTP server

    Proposed Tools & Tech
    Tools: J2ME, Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Nyran September 2014
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