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Spring 2010 - Goods Transport Management System (GTMS) VU Project
  • admin January 2011
    It is a normal practice in industry to ship its finished products/raw material and other goods within and out of the country. This shipment can be done by using its own vehicles or this transportation can be handover to any Goods Transport Company GTC). This industrial goods/cargo is loaded in containers of different sizes. These containers are hired from container terminals for this shipment. Goods Transport Company hires the vehicle from Transport Company (TC) to carry these containers from one place to another. GTC get its commission for this service and also pays the amount to TCs on behalf of its client (Textile Mill/industrial organization). GTC receive this amount from the client later by issuing Bill for this shipment.
    This system helps to manage the Goods/Cargo Transport business. It provides the functionality to enter shipment information, enter loading detail, enter unloading detail, and the delivery information. It stores the information of containers to load the cargo and also keeps container off load details.

    Application Type Web Application

    Proposed Tools & Tech MS.NET OR JAVA TECHNOLOGIES, ROR
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