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Fall 2010 - Virtual Raid Simulator VU Project
  • admin January 2011
    A simulator is a program run on a computer for the purpose of simulating some sort of system, in order to get
    a better idea how the system functions. Simulator is often used to test new software on a wide range of
    hardware configurations, without actually having to use the physical computer resources. At its most
    fundamental level, a computer simulator is used to recreate a real-life situation where testing many different
    states wouldn’t be easy or safe. In this case, using a computer simulator saves a great deal of time and
    resources, and may actually allow for in-depth testing that would be physically impossible or at least difficult
    in the real world.

    RAID, an acronym for redundant array of independent disks or redundant array of inexpensive disks, is a
    technology that provides increased storage reliability through redundancy, combining multiple low-cost, lessreliable
    disk drives components into a logical unit where all drives in the array are interdependent.

    Main Features:
     Graphic representation of each step
     Show all the disks.
     Show Partition of the disks
     All RAID Levels (Level 0, 1, 2, 5 etc) simulation
     Description of each volume i.e. Capacity, Type, Free Space,
     Features of each level i.e. striping, Mirroring, Stripe Set with Parity etc
     Control the generation of simulation objects
     Save the State of Array.
     Logical Formation of any RAID Volume.

    Application Type: Desktop Application

    Tools: Front End tool: Dot net . Back End Database: SQL Server
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