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GDB of CS604 - Operating Systems
  • M_Asghar January 2011
    Graded-MDB Topic: “In your opinion which operating system is the best and why”

    A concise, coherent and to the point comment is preferred over lengthy comment having irrelevant details.

    Your comment must not be more than 5-7 lines.

    anybody write?
  • star February 2011
    Please change before use....

    I've been experimenting/using several different linux versions for several years, from the very samll to the full blown. For a new user who wants/needs full functionality and access to Ubuntu's software repositories I would suggest Mint. If you are looking for a workstation computer and need Windows Media player i suggest running Windows XP professional on it. Nothing is easier than Windows XP. If you do not want to pay for the license, i suggest Ubuntu. Ubuntu is by far the easiest Linux to understand.
  • amir123 February 2011
    Selecting an operating system is purely dependent upon the capacity and strength of the laptop. Normally nowadays you will get a licensed software with the purchase of every new laptops. That software's are pre checked and verified with your machine with no compatibility issues. Different operating systems have different qualities now it all depend on you what matters you more. Let's suppose if you are an internet creeper then I would suggest you to go for windows XP, because in my opinion this is the best operating system for internet browsing. Secondly if you want to be much more secure then go for windows 2003 professional along with the service pack 3. The system will be secure a lot and will also have less viruses then any other windows operating system.

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  • s_hafeez February 2011
    i wrote thiss....

    In my opinion the windows operation system is best, which is User friendly and with good GUI (Graphical user interface) and I like Windows 7 most because of its easiness and 64 bit support for high performance. New windows operating systems are theoretically improvements over the older versions like xp and win98. Now they’re supposed to run better and faster as Windows providing improved API's, managing memory and processes

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