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MBA Projects / Internship reports of VU by VU786 IT Professionals

This service has been developed specially for the students of MBA. We are offering our services to those students who are having difficulties and cannot make their project / internship report on time. If anyone from you is facing such problems, do let us know about it, we shall make it for you professionally. If you don’t have any data or know nothing about project, report we are here to help you.

Miscellaneous information regarding Internship reports/ Final project

Students are required to complete a Project/ Internship Report of 3-credit hours in the final semester of their MBA (3 ½ -year) and (2½ year) program. Student who completed Internship in their previous bachelor degree/ already in service is required to complete a Research Project of 3-credit hours in the final semester of their MBA (1½ year) program.
The choice of the final project is at the student’s discretion. Students have to submit a detailed write-up of the Project and are required to give a presentation.
Student taking Internship course are required to complete 6 to 8 weeks internship in any organization and shall get internship completion letter from the concerned organization. The students who are already in service shall be exempted from Internship but required to submit the Project.


Internship Report : Rs.10,000/-

Final Project : Rs.15,000/-



The students who are not at job should prefer to choose internship report instead of final project as final projects are rather tough than internship reports.

Available MBA specialization offered by Virtual University to Order:

bullit MBA (Finance)
  bullit   Internship Report – Finance

bullit   Final Project – Finance
bullit MBA (Banking)
  bullit   Internship Report – Banking

bullit   Final Project – Banking
bullit MBA (Marketing)
  bullit   Internship Report – Marketing

bullit   Final Project – Marketing
bullit MBA (Management)
  bullit   Internship Report – Management

bullit   Final Project – Management
bullit MBA (Human Resource Management)
  bullit   Internship Report – Human Resource Management

bullit   Final Project – Human Resource Management
bullit MBA (Information Technology)
  bullit   Internship Report – Information technology

bullit   Final Project – Information technology

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