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Virtual University Blood Donors


A virtual university blood donor is a very helping platform for the virtual university students who want to play their roles in society as a blood donor. We want to provide a connection between needy patients and a volunteer donor, to save someone’s life.  The strength of VU students is massive that can be a part of this mission to help blood victims.
We request the virtual university students to join us in this mission and let us make this platform, a hope for the blood donor seekers in Pakistan.
If you’re healthy person and aged between 17 and 65, please get yourself registered with  us and be a part of free blood donors in Pakistan. Being a student of virtual university, try to involve yourself in volunteer services along with study.

vu blood donor
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How it works

The following is the working diagram of this section. You can easily understand how this system works for your convenience.

Blood donors
How it works:
bullit Students can activate their blood info profile for free.
bullit If student want to be a vu blood donor, he/she active his/her status online.
bullit VU Blood donor status can be change at any time.
bullit Desire patients can only search from ACTIVE donors.
ico4 How to Use This Website
  Use this website to get benefit and give benefit. We have designed this website for the vu students to facilitate them with each other services. It is your duty to use this website in positive manner and for helpful purpose.
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