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Tips for Success at Virtual University

There are some important tips for those students who are currently studding or planning to study in Virtual University. Please read the tips carefully and you will get positive benefits.

Do Coursework Every Day ( Make It a Habit )

Doing a coursework on daily basis took fewer burdens on your study. Time on your courses each day is the best way to learn. Roughly, minimum an hour of study for a subject is important for you. Use the time between lectures is the best way for regular students of Virtual University.
If students are unable to give time on daily bases, then they must finish course work after two or three days. Reading the lectures handouts can reduce the time to meet up the coursework.
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Never miss any assignment at any cost. Remember if you miss any assignment this can badly effect on you course GPA. Although assignments have 15% (depends on course grading) in you course GPA but it’s really helpful to get good marks.
If in case you think that assignment is difficult and you think that not to submit, is totally a wrong idea.” So what should I do? “ You should try to get some help from class mates, internet, VU course help desk. You can also use chat to talk with similar course students.
The students who think one assignment in total course assignments can only affect a little, will come to know after two or three semesters. They definitely will talk same way.

Understanding the Exams Techniques 

This is very important for the new students to understand the exams technique of  virtual university. Lack of practice, knowledge and preparation is a major reason for students not doing well in examinations. Here, we highlight to you the major points that you should take note before any examination.

bullit First of all you need to clarify all your doubts and questions about a particular topic with your vu help desk, teachers or senior students.
bullit Try to practice past year and examination papers (available on internet). These resources may not always be available so you have to find yourself. Soon you can find the past papers on our website as well.
bullit To attempt the virtual university exams you need to have good typing skills as well. There are some questions that you need to write to the point. While thinking the answers you need good typing to write all in your answer.

bullit Mostly in MCQ (multiple choice questions), the eximer asked about the main ideas, formulas and figures. So always memorize all important formulas, principles, questions and even solutions. Nobody knows what is going to come out during exams. But you should always pay attention to popular points of study.
bullit When starting the exam, always take at least 5 minutes to look through the whole paper and determine the difficulty level. Attempt easy questions first, allocate sufficient time for each section too.
bullit Allocate appropriate time for each question. Very often, students spent too much time on something very difficult, and ended up not attempting the ones that they can do. The student should consider that how to spend the amount of time according to marks of the question carries.
bullit Avoid spending too much time on a question. Students spent too much time on something very difficult, and ended up not attempting the ones that they can do. The student should consider that how to spend the amount of time according to marks of the question carries.
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