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Become Our Team Member

 The students who are interested to support and provide the informative material for the website can be the part of our team. Students can also suggest us the new module / service for website, which he / she can handle properly. We are commented to provide the quality services to our users. Our services are growing with time and we are getting good response from our users.

We always appreciate the talent for others. If you feel that you can give some service for virtual university students or you can support the existing service, please tell us. If you want to become the part of our vu786 team, you can contact us.

The students who want to be a part of quality material and services can be a part of our team. This plate form is very helpful for those students who want to see practical of their identical services. So give your unique supporting ideas to us or join us with your ideas.

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Requirements of vu786 team members are:

bullit He / she must be talented for his/her unique suggested services; or supporting in existing services.
bullit Must have 24 x 7 internet access (DSL broadband) for any urgent call.
bullit He / she MUST NOT be ignoring person for quality and error issues.
bullit The members need to be very attaching with the website and material he provide.
bullit [Rest of information will be provided on meeting]
ico4 How to Use This Website
  Use this website to get benefit and give benefit. We have designed this website for the vu students to facilitate them with each other services. It is your duty to use this website in positive manner and for helpful purpose.
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