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Virtual University Examination and Assessment

  • Midterm and final examinations are conducted in a formal. Proctored environment at examination centres designated for the purpose by the controller of examinations.
  • A Mid-semester examination is normally held after the 22nd lecture of a 3-credit course and at an equivalent time for other courses, and usually carries 25-35 of the total marks allocated for the course.
  • In addition, quizzes, home assignments, term papers carrying 10-15% of the total marks allocated for the course are conducted through the semester.Participation in class discussions throught the Graded Discussion Board of each subject normally carriers up to 5% of the total marks.
  • A final examination of up to three hours duration is normally held at the end of each course, and carries a weight of 40 – 50% of the total marks allocated for the course.
  • The specific allocation of marks for any course is determined by the concerned teacher.
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  Admissions Open at Virtual University  
  Spring 2011 admission are open now in virtual university. The virtual university of Pakistan holds a federal charter, making its degrees recognised and accepted all over the world. Pakistani students residing overseas in several other countries of the region are also enrolled in the university programs. Virtual University of Pakistan offers admission twice in an academic year namely spring in the month of January/February and fall in the month of August/September each year.  
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